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Representative Wildberger's Honolulu office is Room 327 on the third floor of the Capitol Building.

Office hours are Monday thru Friday (excluding state holidays) from 9am to 5pm.

Meet the Office Manager - Natalia Hussey Burdick

TnN The P Team.jpg

As Office Manager, Natalia is with the Representative's office year around. She is on O‘ahu in order that she may expedite any efforts that require being at the capitol. One of Natalia's many areas of expertise is guiding individuals and groups through the legislative process. If you have questions about that or any other subject she will be happy to speak with you.

Natalia was born and raised on windward O‘ahu, where she has been a longtime advocate for environmental protection and social justice. She graduated from UH Mānoa with a BA in Biology. Natalia has been working at the Legislature since 2016, helping to bridge the gap between scientists and lawmakers.

*Above photo taken in 2018, pre-pandemic.

Meet the Staff- Erin Conway and Chaay Lao

intern photo 2_edited.jpg

When the legislature is in session our offices are fully staffed. This talented group is very friendly and ready to welcome your phone calls, and/or schedule virtual appointments with the Representative.

From Left, above:

Erin Conway, Legislative Aide

Natalia Hussey Burdick - Office Manager

Chaay Lao- Committee Clerk

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