Current Events


February 8, 2020: Kihei's Kalama Skate Park Cleanup 


The true essence of the "Aloha Spirit" is epitomized by the energetic and enthusiastic efforts of our youth to selflessly assist their fellow citizens in improving the conditions of our community and state. Andrew Beerer, Colin Howell, Matt Sherrell, and Sam Walker painstakingly cleaned Kihei's Kalama Skate Park in time for the 2020 Whale Day festivities when the South Maui community comes together to celebrate the marine life that we are so fortunate to live beside. This monumental feat included shoveling over fifty trash bags, approximately 1,500 lbs. of litter, broken glass, detritus, and debris. Representative Tina Wildberger commends them for their hard work to give back to the community, and extends her warmest aloha and best wishes for continued success in all future endeavors. 

October 10, 2019: The Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i (RCUH ) withdrew its Use Determination Application from the Lana'i Planning Commission -- which was seeking approval to use agricultural lands at Palawai, Lana'i as a second airport for science experiments to be conducted in partnership private global high tech firms.

Hawaiian cultural practitioners, represented by attorneys Lance D. Collins and Bianca Isaki, had petitioned the Commission to intervene in the application and hold a contested case regarding the industrial use of lands zoned and designated agriculture as well as impacts to traditional and customary Native Hawaiian rights.

An environmental assessment had not been completed, and the project received a notice of violation for constructing the second airstrip without county permits or approvals.


Maui News and Civil Beat are working on follow up stories now that the application has been withdrawn. In the meantime, here are their previous articles on this subject for background:

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Honoring the family who opened their baby lū'au to fire evacuees


From left: Luis Cardenas Haro, Amalia Haro Arvizu, Kamea Santos Cardenas, Katheleen Cardenas-Haro, Derian Romero Cardenas, Derian Romero Duran, and Rep. Wildberger

Improving traffic in South Maui

Rep Wildberger is currently working with the community, and State DOT & DOE officials to improve traffic signals and pedestrian safety around the new Kihei High School. Stay tuned for updates

Map Kihei High School.png
Amanda Eller rescuers.jpg

Honoring Local Heroes


Rep Wildberger is proud to honor Kihei resident Javier Cantellops along with Troy Helmer, Chris Berquist, and the rest of the team of search & rescue volunteers for their exceptional bravery, selfless perseverance, and herculean efforts to find Amanda Eller, hiker lost for 17 days in Makawao Forest Reserve.

Recognizing Student Achievement

Rep Wildberger with Coach Iokepa Meno (left) and the Kolohe Kids team from Lokelani Intermediate School, who performed admirably and won awards in the 2019 State, National, and Worldwide Robotics competitions.

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Keeping our air clean

After receiving several calls from constituent neighbors about fugitive dust from construction at the old Maui Lu location, Rep Wildberger visited the construction site to inquire about mitigation measures. This newly implemented ‘Dust Destroyer’ pushes water into the air to take ambient dirt out of the air before it blows off property.  This issue continues to impact neighbors in the community.  And, our office is staying in contact with contractors and Dept. of Health CAB.

Celebrating the teachers who shape our keiki

Rep Wildberger was proud to honor these 3rd grade teachers from Kīhei Elementary who recently renewed their national credentials. From Left: Lani Espinoza, Rep Wildberger, Rodney Wade, Kathleen Schaffer-Barr

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